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Trade links with our dating websites at once. We manage the sites listed in the code below.  All you need to do is copy and paste the following html code onto your home page or links page.  We will give you home page links or interior page links depending on where you put our link. We will then link to your Asian dating site on the first day of the following month.(This keeps us from having to edit sites every day) This will save you time as well and get your website good link poplularity and more links.(This link is for Asian dating sites only!)
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Here are few helpful tips that you can use in to improve your chances of success in finding and obtaining the perfect lifelong single vietnam girls from our service. We at Asian Ladies through our own experiences in dealing with the vietnamese women in Vietnam believe that there are definite guide lines which can help you to not make the same mistakes as others have in the past. In addition, benefit from others who do have very successful and happy vietnamese dating with these exceptional vietnam brides. We do not guarantee that you will win the heart of any woman based on the advice we give you, but we are confident the advice will put you a mile ahead of the game. Remember, we are an introduction service so the all the tips we give are aimed only towards the first few steps of introducing yourself and how to respond to the single vietnam women in the beginnings of your correspondence with vietnam dating online. These vietnamese ladies are using our service because they are available and want to find a true life long partner. If you are really interested in certain single Vietnam ladies do not send your first letter without a photograph of yourself. Remember the women from our service are very attractive and appealing so you can bet that one lady is probably exchanging letters with a few different men already. So you want to improve your chances by letting her see you in a photograph. A picture speaks a thousand words. Most of the women have some English skills but if she receives a letter from you and she can not see your face she most likely will not take the time to read your letter. Put yourself in her shoes, Which men would you reply to? Keep your first letter short and sweet. Do not overwhelm the vietnamese brides with letters that is too wordy and long. Introduce yourself and maybe give her a few reasons why you have chosen to write to her in particular. Complements never hurt but, do not over do it or she will think you are not being sincere.  Spell her name correctly and in the right order. This makes a nice, logical first impression. Read more on Vietnamese names in the lower section of this page.  Read her bio carefully and try to comment on what she has taken the time out to write about herself. Do not concentrate too much on her beauty or she will think that you do not want to know vietnamese girls as personal as possible. 

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