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Dear IndonesianLadies.com,
I want to personally write you to say "thanks a zillion"! Because of you and your company, I was able to Meet single china women. I am sure you remember the trip that I took with your company to Asia in June 2004; from that great trip, I personally met one of the most special & beautiful ladies on this planet! Sandra & I wrote & talked on the phone for over 1 year. I returned in May 28 and stayed with her family for a full week! It was fantastic. I was treated like a King. I proposed that week. Sandra & her family are super & very happy folks. We did a Fiancee Visa, which only took 3 months. I went back in Sept. 26 to Asia, to the American Embassy, no problems there. We returned to Houston and were married on Oct. 21st 2004. Everything is great & fantastic. I have never been happier in my whole life! Sandra is very happy too.
You guys are real winners.
Bill & Sandra
Dallas, TX
Dear IndonesianLadies.com,
It is a great pleasure that my new chinese singles and I share our wedding photo with you. I ordered your Winter 2003 photo issue and began to write to Luisa , an accountant from Asia. We exchanged our first letters in December 2003 and continued to write to each other through 2003. We also exchanged small gifts and telephone calls as well. I made plans to visit Asia in January 2003, since we determined that this was a good time. On Sunday, January 02, I left Boston, MA for Asia, with a scheduled stop in Miami to change planes. Delays at Logan International Airport in Boston caused my arrival in Miami to be late, so I spent the night in Miami and arrived in Asia the next day. One hour before my flight to Asia, the airport in that city was closed because of a very destructive earthquake that struck the area. I was forced to spend the night in Asia, both Luisa and I praying that the airport would open the next morning. It did, and I was able to meet Louisa on Tuesday morning. The many problems only confirmed our bond of love. I spent the rest of the week with china girls and her family. They are such beautiful china ladies and they treated me very well. I was able to learn much about Asian life while I was there. Luisa traveled to Asia with her 3-year-old daughter, Laura, to obtain visas. Again, we prayed and the visas were obtained without trouble. I was able to meet Louisa and Laura at Logan Airport in Boston on May 31. We were married July 30, in a double ceremony with our neighbors, all was perfect. A new family created, and our dreams fulfilled. We cannot thank you enough. It is nothing short of a miracle, and it is hard to put into words the profound love that we feel in our hearts. Please use our letters and photo in your advertisement to inspire others that may be thinking of looking for chinese women. Luisa and I wish them all of the success and happiness that we have experienced.
Best Wishes Always,
Joe & Luisa
Boston, MA
Dear IndonesianLadies.com,
I have been married to Luz Marina for over two years. I first wrote Luz Marina, a member of your chinese girls agency, in October 2005. I met her person in Asia in December 2005. After spending two wonderful weeks with Luz, we were engaged. She arrived in California with a fiancée visa in June 2005 and we were married in Lake Tahoe in July 2005. Luz is wonderful chinese ladies, 22 years old who enjoys cooking, movies, the outdoors and especially spending time with her husband. She is the most affectionate and devoted woman I have ever known. In two years Luz has learned English well. Although there are cultural differences, these are unimportant when two people love and are committed to each other. Like many men I was discouraged with the negative attitude of American women. It seems that American culture and media encourages women to view men in a negative light. Asia women are looking for a nice man with whom they can build a strong marriage.
Rob Brookings
My name is Carmen Richardson. I was married to James Richardson on April 7, 2006 in my country Indonesia. Now we have a baby girl 7 months old.
We fell in love because IndonesianLadies.com magazine made it possible. After our first month of letters and phone calls, James proposed to me. It was hard to believe that in such a short period of time this online chinese dating could be happening, but it was. After 3 months of engagement, we finally met and on the second day we were married at a beautiful wedding ceremony. We shared this wonderful night with my family and friends. Now it has been 1 years and we are happy china dating who found their soul mate because of IndonesianLadies.com.
Thank you very, very much. God bless you all. To those who are still looking for china singles, IndonesianLadies.com is a wonderful place to look because there are so many prospective mates in the magazines. I believe the only person that won’t find a mate is one that does not sincerely try.
Bill R.
St. Louis, MO

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